The install instructions below are provided with each NoMix valve cartridge sold and are shown here for your convenience. Please also see Install Tips and Common Problems for more helpful information.

Tools Required: installation kit, channel locks and screwdriver.

Step 1. Remove handles, wall escutcheon and turn water off to valve body.

Step 2. Remove stem retainer nut and stem from valve body.

Step 3. Insert 3/4" wire fitting brush into valve body. Rotate brush clockwise to clean out valve body then remove.

Step 4. Insert de-burring tool into entrance of valve body where second ledge is, 1/8" from thread end, rotate clockwise while exerting pressure outwards. Make sure that sharp edge is removed from valve body to facilitate ease of installing new valve cartridge.

Step 5. Turn one stop on to flush metal shavings and debris from valve body. Also feel water to determine which side the hot and cold water supply is on.

Step 6. Lubricate rubber end of valve cartridge with heat proof grease for ease of installation. If cold water supply is on the right side of valve body, install valve cartridge with arrow in up position. If hot water supply is on the right side, install valve cartridge with arrow in the down position. Use channel locks to grasp cartridge on flat portion and push into valve body using sufficient pressure. Note: on brass cartridges there is a screw and no arrow.

Step 7. Install stem retainer nut by turning clockwise while holding valve cartridge in straight up position using wrench. Do not allow stem to turn while tightening. Be sure that stem retainer nut is tight so that valve cartridge can not be turned with wrench when complete.

Step 8. Open stops or turn water back on to valve body.

Step 9. Install wall escutcheon plate and handle. Discard old lever portion of valve trim as this part is no longer needed. Post notice of "How to operate new valve" for tenant and install permanent label on chrome wall plate. Be sure to clean plate first.