Mixing Problems

Problem - unwanted mixing of hot and cold water.

Cross-over of hot and cold water in your tub/shower occurs over time as the cartridge and valve body is worn out by hard water.

As the original valve cartridge wears out control of temperature is diminished.

The valve body also wears out in both the seat area and the valve area.

Solutions to unwanted mixing of hot and cold water.

One possible solution is to replace the shower valve. While this will solve the problem, it is expensive and time consuming. You will have to break tile, cut sheetrock and cut out the valve and pipe. Then install the new valve and pipe, repair the sheetrock and repair the tile.

The NoMix solution is simple and cost effective. Replace the old valve cartridge with a NoMix cartridge. It installs in minutes by anyone with the proper tools and is guaranteed to eliminate your hot and cold water mixing problems and increase hot water temperature in your showers. Please see our Cost / Benefit example to compare the two approaches and review the benefits of our solution.

Above: Valve w/ original Mixet cartridge installed.
NoMix sells replacement valve cartridge models for Mixet and Moen shower valves. Our patented design features a quadrupal seal gasket that seals the eroded areas of the valve body that are the root cause of your hot and cold water mixing problems.


Above: Valve w/ NoMix cartridge installed.
This completely eliminates unwanted mixing of hot and cold water, eliminates dripping seats and the need for valve replacement, and improves shower performance and water conservation.

Above: Dissassembled NoMix cartridge.
The quality of our valve cartridge makes the difference. Each cartridge has a stainless steel shaft that will never wear out, and has either brass or plastic housing that diverts water and extends the life of the valve body.

NoMix replacement valve cartridges will save you time, money and completely solve your hot and cold water mixing problems. Guaranteed.